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Last Updated January 9, 2022

Do you have a big job interview coming up?

Are you anxious that your nerves might trip you up or hurt your chances?

Imagine walking into your potential employer's office with your head held high, a smile on your face, and the answer to every one of his questions ready-to-go. You make a great first impression, give him a firm handshake as you exit the building, and receive a call with the job offer the very next day.

Because you took some phenibut to get you through it.

Job Interviews Can Be Stressful

Right up there with giving a big speech or going on a blind date, nothing gives us performance anxiety quite like going on a job interview.

We do our best to prepare our answer to every possible question that could come our way; But we overanalyze what we wear, the way we speak, even the way we walk into the office.

Each night leading up to the job interview we lose sleep, as we lie awake stressing over everything that could go wrong.

The interview comes up and we are a mess.

We give an awkward handshake with a sweaty palm stutter when we say our name, and draw a blank on an obvious answer to an easy question.

For the next few days, we kick ourselves for not being able to accurately represent what we have to offer.

benefits of phenibut

Taking Phenibut for Job Interviews Makes Them 10x Easier!

As relatable as the previous scenario may be for many, not everyone needs to fall victim to an overactive fight-or-flight response during a job interview.

You don't need to be nervous about your job interview.

I and many others have found phenibut for job interviews to be the ideal solution.

The anti-anxiety properties of phenibut help to keep you cool, calm, and collected throughout the interview. Without any sweaty fidgeting, drawing blanks to answers, stuttering, or panic attacks.

Meanwhile, the pro-social and euphoric properties of phenibut help to add a certain degree of charisma to yourself. You will feel more talkative; more able to relate and communicate with the interviewer while showcasing your unique and valuable personality and skillset.

phenibut job interview

How Phenibut Has Helped ME Land Hard-to-get Jobs

I'm no stranger to the stress of job interviews, myself.

Throughout the years I've worked many different jobs in many unrelated fields.

Some of these jobs have been extremely competitive in nature. I wholly attribute taking phenibut for job interviews to giving me a leg up on the competition.

One of several Fortune 500 companies I've been hired for was a major airline, working as a flight attendant.

This may seem like a strange thing to boast about, but a quick Google search will reveal that the flight attendant job interview is one of the toughest job interviews there is.

Specifically, due to the huge demand and applications for these jobs, less than 1% of all applicants are chosen; compared to Harvard's acceptance rate of 5% of applicants.

For some perspective, consider walking into a room with 99 other people, and only one of you walk out with a job.

That was me when I was a bit younger. Just a straight dude in my early 20's trying to prove my people skills to 20 interviewers against 99 bubbly, highly animated females. It was the WWE Royal Rumble of Customer Service.

About 1.5g of phenibut and a cup of coffee and I was ready to go.

My nervous energy was converted into positive enthusiasm. I was able to connect easily to each interviewer, exhibit empathy towards other applicants, and breeze through the questions.

I left a positive impression on everyone I spoke to and was offered the job on my first try, within the week.

It may seem like a silly story, but there's certainly a moral to it:

Taking phenibut for job interviews is like steroids for your social skills, and like a jackhammer to the crushing weight of anxiety.

Consequently, it has helped me crush countless job interviews throughout my life, and it can do the same for you.

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