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Last Updated January 9, 2022

Phenibut Isn't Just for Severe Anxiety

Many pages on this site focus on moderate to severe anxiety, but that's not everyone's experience with anxiety. Sometimes anxiety is more of a mild, day-to-day stress that doesn't justify the use of expensive prescription anti-anxiety medications. Why get hooked on Xanax, Klonopin, Valium, or some other overly powerful drug when it isn't necessary?

The great thing about phenibut is that there is a phenibut dosage for just about every person and situation.

taking phenibut for stress relief

Taking Phenibut for Stress

Unlike its other uses, using phenibut for stress usually requires a lower dosage. We recommend a dosage of 200 to 300mg no more than twice daily for stress relief.

More severe, social anxiety or panic attacks often warrant a higher dosage.

The anxiolytic and nootropic (“smart drug”) properties melt away stress without making you drowsy. In fact, you should immediately notice a stronger focus and “flow state” when taking phenibut for stress.

As always, it is our recommendation to start with a low dose to assess tolerance. At a low dosage, you can use phenibut for more consecutive days without risking adverse phenibut side effects.

Phenibut will usually start to work within a few hours of your first dose.


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